Can I give my child any last name I want?


Can I give my child any last name I want?

Your name is you. It’ll be the most common Noun you’ll hear in your life. Numerous social science studies indicate that, all other things being equal, people with strong names are successful while people with unique complicated names have a difficult path.

Question: Can I give my child any last name I want?

Answer: Yes, but there are legal ramifications if you are not married to the child’s father; consult a lawyer.

In the United States, most parents get a birth certificate from the hospital where the baby is born.

The mother is allowed to fill the name of the baby: first name, middle name and last name.

And the name of the baby’s father.

If you are married couple, you can use either of your last names (your maiden name) or even create a new combination of the last names.

However, if you are not married to the baby’s father and you use a different last name, he may be allowed to dispute parentage and then, a DNA test might be required.

Please consult with a lawyer.

Your baby can legally change or acquire a new name when s/he becomes 18.

There are naming laws in Germany, Chile, New Zealand, Quebec, there are laws requiring the baby have the same last name as one / both of the parents.

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